Safety 1st Deluxe Baby Nursery Kit (Raspberry Pink)


This Deluxe Baby Nursery Kit by Safety 1st comes in Raspberry pink and is a 30-piece set full of thoughtfully selected products that will have you covered during those precious first years. This Deluxe Baby Nursery Kit comes with a storage box and divider so all your nursery essentials will be organized and ready to grab at any moment.



Nursery Organizer, Feeding Tracker Bracelet, Infant Nasal Aspirator, Digital 3-in-1 Thermometer, Thermometer Probe Covers (5), Alcohol Wipes (6), Bottle Medicine Dispenser, Medicine Dropper, Easy Grip Toddler Toothbrush, Soothing Scrub Wet Brush, Easy Grip Brush, Easy Grip Comb, Steady Grip Nail Clipper, Emery Boards (5), Emery Board Case, Emergency Information Card, Dosage Tracking Card