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Child Safety Store has carefully curated the highest quality pool safety products to keep your demonic spawn from unaliving themselves in your backyard. Swimming pool fence kits, gates, parts, and accessories are ready to ship!

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PoolfenceDIY.com by Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, Inc.


Tan –  Pool Fence DIY, dirt sleeve and cap | Use this product to install your stainless steel 1/2″ Peg Fence in dirt, or Pavers*. Now your DIY Pool...

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TruClose Hinges – with Alignment Legs | Self Closing Hinges (set of 2)

TruClose Hinges – with Alignment Legs | Self Closing Hinges (set of 2)

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You won’t settle for just any hinge on your gate when you know can have the best. Turn to TruClose and you’ll always look at your fence with peace ...

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Window Wedge - Cresci Products - 2 Pack
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Window Wedge - Cresci Products - 2 Pack



The only thing standing between you and your child having a "Falling Out." The Window Wedge with the Slip-Resistant Base, was designed and tested t...

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Pool Safety Products—Child Pool Safety Fences | Accessories for Inground and Above Ground Pools

Drowning is the number one cause of death for children between the ages of 1 and 4 years old. We’ve curated the best collection of backyard pool safety products a parent can use to keep both kids and pets out of harm’s way near pools.

When is the right time to baby proof your pool?

As soon as your baby becomes mobile, it is time to make sure your pool is safer for your children. However, it’s always a good idea to have a pool fence before you have children, too. There may be pets, other children who live nearby, or guests to protect, too. In fact, according to the CDC, drowning accounts for 30% of deaths in children ages 1-4, but it doesn’t have to be this way. If all pools (and bodies of water) were protected with mesh pool safety fencing, the number of children who drown each year would go down.

If you are looking for do-it-yourself products that child proof your pool, you’ve come to the right place. We have the best swimming pool fence kits and more.

Inground Pool Fence Kits

If you have a traditional inground pool, it might be taking up a considerable amount of space in your backyard. That’s a lot of potential access points for children (or small animals) to get into the pool and potentially have an accident. If you have young children who are crawling or if you are a grandparent with kids coming over to your pool, the best safety solution when you need a physical barrier of protection is to buy an inground pool fence kit from Child Safety Store and install it.

Child fences for pools (with gates) are one of the only effective ways to physically block access to your pool. In fact, they are recommended by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. While door alarms, pool alarms, water safety training, ISR, adult supervision, and other steps are essential, too, the only product that will physically prevent access to your pool and serve as your last line of defense is a safety fence. The fact is, many drownings occur under the watch of one parent or more. Too many children could have been saved if only the parent had put a pool safety fence around their inground pool and invested in multiple layers of protection.

Our mesh fencing comes in 4 foot tall, 12-foot-wide sections with 5 built in pool fence poles.  We carry matching pool gates, solar lights, accessories and pool fence parts too. If you need help selecting your fencing, please get in touch: tel:(561) 272-8242 or contact us online today.

Above Ground Pool Fence Kits

Whether you have a deck, your pool is on grass or it sits on another surface, you can install an above ground mesh pool fence around your pool with one of our DIY kits. Buying and installing a pool fence is one of the most important things you can do to protect your family. The difference between our DIY pool fences and just putting a fence around the pool is that our pool barrier fencing is specifically designed to keep children out of the pool and to isolate the pool from the rest of the yard. They are not merely a perimeter or privacy fence. They are solely designed for safety. In fact, our pool safety fences for above ground pools are made of mesh that is not climbable by children.

If you need DIY above ground pool fence ideas, check out our products page for photos and specifications of our pool fence kits. You’ll be able to purchase everything you need to install your pool fence. Our black fencing is very popular and it is the most see through, creating an excellent view of your children (and your yard) especially when they are near or in your pool. If you need more pool fence ideas, you can also get in touch with us so that we can help you put together the perfect fencing kit.

Above ground pool fences and gates are ready to ship out the door and if you need help with installation, we are available to explain to you how to install your DIY pool fence 7 days a week! Customers say they are “so easy to install, extremely sturdy, and [they] look great.”  

Pool Gate Kits

Pool gate kits are easy to assemble and they are an essential part of your pool fence system. They are both self-latching and self-closing as well as made of double-truss uprights and industrial strength mesh that will match Child Safety Store pool fences. Gates ensure a practical, safer way to enter your pool. Young children cannot open the gates but they remain easy for adults to use.
Is your pool surrounded by a pool deck? You can install a gate onto our pool fence to create an access point.

Pool Fence Parts & Accessories—Other Pool Safety Items

Child Safety Store also carries pool fence parts and accessories. For example, if you need 3 foot pool fence sections, spare poles, pool fences sleeves and caps, safety latches, drilling guides, and pool fence deck caps and sleeves, we are in stock.  Installation instructions are included and our products are easy to install.

In terms of accessories, Omni Hangers can be used to keep your safety equipment close by, or for organizational purposes for your cleaning equipment, hoses, or pool towels.  Solar lights are ideal for illuminating your pool fence in the dark allowing you to see into the pool in the evening hours.

Omni Hanger and Life Saver Pool Fence Solar Lights

Window and door locks (as well as door alarms) are also available. They help create additional layers of protection in your home itself.  

Pool Safety Tips

Below are some safety measures parents, grandparents, and other caretakers can take in their homes to make their backyards and pools safer for families to enjoy. It starts with implementing layers of protection.

Swimming Pool Safety Layers of Protection

The pool can be one of the most fun places in your home, but also the most dangerous. The risk is not just for young children. It's a serious problem for kids of all ages but especially ages 1-4. We advocate adult supervision (important but can and does fail), high locks on all doors and windows leading to the pool, alarms on the door and windows that lead to the pool, removable pool safety fence (four-sided) with a gate that locks at least 4 feet high with a pool gate, pool alarms that go off if the water is disturbed or if a child access the pool, and make sure the child is trained in infant swim survival training so they can roll over and float. Finally, you want to be CPR trained (as soon as your children are born or beforehand) so that if all else fails you can help your child in an emergency. Children should never swim alone and there should always be a dedicated water watcher assigned who is solely focused on keeping his or her eyes on the pool at all times. They should be present, at the pool, within arm’s reach.

Swimming Pool Safety Products Parents Can Use

Here is more information on pool safety products you can implement:

Most pool drownings that occur in backyard swimming pools are preventable with a pool safety fence. A DIY pool fence is one of the most effective layers of protection you can implement in your home. Our mesh pool fencing is the safest, strongest pool fence possible, and designed to be simple for parents to install themselves while also being affordable. They are in fact different than a wrought iron, a chain link fence, or any other perimeter fence. Pool fences are specifically designed to keep children from accessing the pool. So, they are not just fences around the pool. They are made of mesh which makes sure you don't any handholds or footholds so you can't climb or get over it if you are a child. The fence is not around your yard or house. It functions to isolate the pool from the rest of the backyard so you can still use your backyard but the pool area remains safe. With a pool fence, it's only installed around the pool so you don’t have to take it off like a cover to use the pool. Plus, they can be left up year-round unlike a pool cover, providing continuous protection.

Along with your pool fence, it’s also important to install a self-latching, self-closing pool gate. Your backyard pool should be 100%  enclosed by a fence with a self-closing and self-latching gate and set boundaries for where your children are allowed to play. In fact, a pool gate is one of the most essential components of a pool fence system. In order for it to be really safe, the gate must be able to open and close correctly all the time. The Pool Fence DIY pool safety gate is built using a double-truss system which allows for tension variations and minimizes the need for constant adjustments.

Pool alarms are a helpful addition, as they warn anyone nearby when water has been disturbed or a child enters the pool.

In addition to a pool fence DIY, pool alarms, and pool safety gate you also need to consider general outdoor safety for your child or children. For example, installing door alarms and window alarms to alert you as to whether your child is attempting to or has already left your home can allow you to act quickly and prevent anything from happening.

Installing locks on doors that are out of reach of children is another way to prevent them from going outside on their own. You can also add safety chains to exterior doors that will make it even more difficult for them to open and unlock the door. Window latches or even window barriers will prevent your child from getting into your yard unsupervised and can also prevent a critical injury if the window is on an upper-level floor.

Other actions you can take:

Please keep in mind that constant adult supervision is also 100% necessary. While a pool fence is often the last barrier, you want to be able to prevent problems before they happen. That’s where supervision is so important. Children can’t always recognize dangerous situations, and in the event that an accident does occur, the adult in charge can respond to the injured child immediately. Adults can also get CPR certified and make sure their children receive infant survival swim training.

It is also important to be mindful of any standing water or full buckets since they can also become drowning hazards. Consider the plants you have in your yard as well since certain varieties like azaleas, daffodils, mistletoe, hyacinths, irises, holly berries, and tulips can be poisonous if ingested.
For added peace of mind, you can place a Safety tattoo on your children if they have a history of wandering away or escaping your backyard.

pool fence for child safety

Pool Safety Product Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the safety pool fences easy to install?
A: Yes!  Our pool safety fences come with a complete DIY gate kit and instruction kit to ensure a fast and easy installation. They also come with 7-day a week support for free!

Are fences warrantied?
A: Yes, our pool fences are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Can I remove the pool fence for the winter months?
A: Yes! Our pool fences are simple to remove and store inside a backyard shed or garage.  During winter months, it’s easy to take down, but we also think it’s a safer approach to keep them up all year long.
Do I need safety pool fences and gates to keep my family safe?
A: We recommend that all pools be protected with pool fence. By installing a pool safety fence, you’re increasing the safety of your backyard and pool patio.  It’s a great way to protect your family, friends, and pets from potentially dangerous accidents.  Always check your local laws and regulations to confirm legally what is required as local code. It’s easy to buy a pool fence on ChildSafetyStore.com when you are ready.

How do I install the Pool Fence Solar Light?
A: The Life Saver Pool Fence Solar Light runs on rechargeable AAA batteries and can be simply installed onto the top of the safety pool fence.  Instructions are included.
How do I install the mesh pool fence on my concrete patio?
A: Our safety pool fences are easy to install, complete with a do-it-yourself gate kit for use with the Pool Fence DIY safety system.  Simply follow the instructions and you’ll have your safety pool fence in no time!
Are there alarms on the safety pool fence to alert when someone is opening or closing the gate?
A: Yes! Our MagnaLatch Alert Magnetic Locking Latch is just what you need for safety pool fence alarming.
Will the safety pool fence alarm work for a long period of time?
A: The safety fence alarm is made of polymer, aluminum, and stainless steel.  It’s designed to last long and endure extreme weather conditions.
Is a pool gate lock easy to lock and unlock?
A: The MagnaLatch Alert Magnetic Locking Latch is lockable to prevent opening without a key.
How can I enhance safety around my backyard pool and patio?
A: By installing a mesh pool fence and alarm system, you can improve your backyard’s safety from harmful accidents like drowning and falling.
What are good products that promote outdoor and pool safety for my home?
A: We provide a range of products that improve your backyard and pool safety.  Try our safety pool fences, alarm systems, and gates! Pool alarms will alert you in the event there is a disturbance in the water allowing parents and caretakers to act quickly. You can also use a wearable alarm like Safety Turtle. This is a reliable alarm that is worn as a wristband and will alert you the moment it is submerged. So, whether your child has fallen into the pool or willingly entered the pool you will be alerted.

What Safety Rules Should I Establish in My Home?
A: Some safety rules to consider include no chasing, pushing, or roughhousing while playing on slides or play equipment. No standing on swings or jumping off high platforms. Bikes and other play equipment should be stored properly, and certain areas should be off-limits (and locked!) including garages, sheds, and equipment storage bins. Always have an adult present to supervise activities. Bring in all toys and inflatables after the pool is done being used. Toys can attract young children to the pool.

What Possible Safety Hazards Am I Missing?
A: Regularly survey your yard for potential dangers. This means picking up items like garden tools, ladders, hoses, and chemicals before they go outside to play. These items should be stored in a secure place that can’t be accessed by your child or their friends. Keep an eye out for natural hazards, like holes, tree limbs, thorns, and insect nests.

Child Safety Store, A Trusted Name in Pool Safety Equipment

Stay proactive and use multiple layers of protection. Invest in the very best pool safety equipment. Avoid the dangers your backyard and pool can pose to your children by installing DIY pool fence and other outdoor pool safety products you can buy online.

Shop our site, call Child Safety Store today at tel:(561) 272-8242 or contact us online today.