KidCo Universal Outlet Cover - White (3pk)

by KidCo

Once your baby begins exploring your home, exposed outlets are a major concern. Electrical outlets can be anywhere in your home. When the outlets go unused, it exposes the part of the outlet that releases the electric current which is dangerous for a baby or toddler. A toddler can interact with an electrical outlet by putting a finger inside or getting a metal object and sticking that in the outlet. Electric shock can cause less severe side effects like headaches, breathing trouble, muscle spasms while more severe side effects can include vision or hearing loss and even brain damage.

One of the ways you can avoid electric shock from exposure to electrical outlets in your home is using KidCo’s Universal Outlet Covers. KidCo created a cover not just for the individual outlets themselves but for the entire socket. It entirely covers over the exposed outlets, replacing whatever plastic covering is currently around your outlets.

Product Highlights

  • Works on both Standard and Décora style outlets
  • Simply slide the cover to the side to plug in electric cord
  • Automatically covers outlet when plug is removed
  • Prevents injury from inserting objects into outlet
  • 3 Pack
  • Color: White

Product Specifications

  • Brand: KidCo
  • Type: Outlet Covers & Plugs
  • Color: White
  • Age Group: All Ages

KidCo Universal Outlet Cover works on both standard and decorator style outlets, and does not require that you remove it every time you actually want to use the plug. Shop KidCo Universal Outlet Covers today, here at

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