Safety 1st SecureTech Cabinet Lock

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Keep your curious crawler out of side by side cabinets with Safety 1st SecureTech Cabinet Lock. It fits knobs & handles up to 4.75” apart. It attaches easily to either knobs or handles with no drilling required and features an easy-to-understand indicator that lets you know with a glance that it's properly locked.

The easy-to-see icons indicate whether the cabinet is locked or unlocked by showing a red (unlocked) icon or a green (locked) icon. The cabinet lock is easy to remove with a push of a button. 

The Safety 1st SecureTech Cabinet Lock is a great solution for cabinets with wider spaces between the hardware.

To use:

  1. To open the lock, press the top and bottom buttons of the locking unit at the same time. Once released, slide locking unit off the shorter rod.
  2. Position lock rods around cabinet knobs or handles.
  3. Slide the locking unit back through shorter rod until it presses tightly against the cabinet knob or handle. The locking unit should click, and you should see the SecureTech logo turn from red (unlocked) to green (locked). 

Product Highlights

•    Child-resistant lock helps keep cabinets secure
•    Works on side-by-side cabinets with handles or knobs
•    Perfect for cabinets with wider spaces between hardware
•    Attaches easily to knobs or handles with no tools or drilling required
•    SecureTech® locking indicator
•    Easy for parents to remove with the push of a button

Product Specifications

•    Brand: Safety 1st
•    Type: Child Safety Cabinet Locks & Straps
•    Child Lock Placement: Cabinet
•    Material Type: Durable Plastic
•    Material Composition: Lead-Free
•    Mount Type: Pressure-mounted
•    Color: White
•    Age Group: Toddler/Infants
•    Care & Cleaning: Spot or wipe clean

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Q: Will this work for cabinet handles that are approximately 9.5 inches apart?
A: Unfortunately, it will only handle about 4.5” gap.

Q: How easy is this for adults to open in an emergency?
A: It's very simple for an adult to open the lock in an emergency. The lock can be opened very quickly just by pressing two buttons on the sides and pulling it out of the pin. It slides out very fast if needed.